Commercial Greenhouse Builders are the best in the industry. We offer Greenhouse customizations that can meet any HOA requirement. We can provide an interior consultation that will fit any growing desire. We are a company that believes in giving back therefore we give back to many local organizations. We also believe in serving missionaries throughout the United States and Africa. When you choose us to build your Greenhouse you are also a part of this exclamation point Colorado greenhouse builders offer a clear workmanship warranty and all the labor we provide. We also offer a 10% senior and Military discount.

Commercial Greenhouse Builders knows what it takes to provide an amazing customer experience. All of our team members are knowledgeable in the greenhouse industry and the year-round growing optimization. We are one of the very few in the industry that offers the geothermal Greenhouse option. When you use the geothermal option you are utilizing the sun’s Natural Energy to heat the exterior of your Greenhouse during cold extremes but are also able to cool your Greenhouse interior during hot extremes. We have built many greenhouses all over the United States. This includes many different altitudes and climates.

Commercial Greenhouse Builders provides a five-step process and makes your Greenhouse dreams come true. When you schedule your very first consultation with us we will meet with you on-site and discuss all of your Greenhouse goals. After that, we will schedule your bills and obtain any permits that are required to build your amazing greenhouse. From there we will start your build and then once that is complete we will schedule your walkthrough and inspection of your greenhouse. The last and best part of our process is for you to simply enjoy your new greenhouse!

Here at Colorado greenhouse builders, we offer many different styles of greenhouses. Some of the recent projects we have completed consist of a sunroom-style greenhouse shed and Greenhouse combination, a Greenhouse with swimming pools on so many other amazing options. We also love to custom-make greenhouses for our customers. If you would like to match your existing home or come up with something not listed here then we can help you with that as well! All of our team members are knowledgeable and what we provide and can answer any questions or concerns that you may have.

We want to hear from you today. You can schedule your very first consultation with us by calling 720-539-9806 you can check out some of the amazing projects that we have completed by visiting our website at we are standing by and ready to serve you for all of your Greenhouse needs. When you contact us you are taking the first step and what it takes to create a long-term customer relationship. We will be here for any and every one of your Greenhouse needs now and in the future! Your satisfaction is always our guarantee here at Colorado Greenhouse builders.

Commercial Greenhouse Builders | Family Owned Greenhouse Company

Commercial Greenhouse Builders offers American-made products. We also believe that it’s important to give back to our local communities. Something else that we take pride in is that we give back to many different missionaries across the United States and Africa. So whenever you build your Greenhouse with Colorado greenhouse builders you are a part of something bigger than just greenhouses! We offer many different styles of greenhouses and a knowledgeable stopped answer to any of your Greenhouse questions. We are one of the very few across the United States that offer the geothermal Greenhouse option.

Commercial Greenhouse Builders geothermal greenhouses use the sun’s Natural Energy to provide a clean, cost-effective climate control option for your greenhouse. With our greenhouses, you will be able to build in any climate or altitude. We know that without greenhouses it is nearly impossible to grow good quality products without having to worry about Nature’s creatures or the elements. A greenhouse allows you the ability to grow all year round. When you can grow all year round then you can Harvest all year round!

Commercial Greenhouse Builders believes and giving our customers the option to choose the exact design for their greenhouse. We can make your Greenhouse match your current home. If you would rather we have many other options to choose from as well. We believe that if you can dream up your dream Greenhouse then we can build it! We have all the knowledgeable staff that we need to take any of the confusion and guesswork out of the greenhouse building. We have what it takes to provide an amazing customer service experience for you and your family.

Colorado greenhouse builders is a family-owned greenhouse building company. We have a passion for greenhouses and optimizing The Growing Experience for ourselves and our customers. We want every one of our customers to have the ability to grow year-round so they can Harvest year-round. Some of the most recent projects that we have completed and can also build for you include sunroom-style greenhouses, shed and Greenhouse combinations, greenhouses with swimming pools and so much more. We do not just serve residential customers but we also serve commercial customers we have built greenhouses for universities and Military bases.

To schedule your Greenhouse consultation with us you need only to call 720-539-9806 when you schedule this consultation with us we will also provide you with a free interior floor plan for your Greenhouse free! This is a $300 value! We would love for you to view some of our most recent projects on our website at we know that when you are in the market for a greenhouse you are looking for a quality that lasts. We can offer you just that! We offer a 3-year workmanship warranty on all of our labor. We can also help you with any insurance claims or repairs on your existing greenhouse. Our satisfaction is always your guarantee here at Colorado Greenhouse builders. We are the place for you to improve with in each situation for your crops.