Our Process

Colorado Greenhouse Builders pride our company on a unique greenhouse design that is built to withstand the Colorado extreme weather. Regardless of the cold, wind, hail or extreme heat our geothermal heated greenhouses work exceptionally well  for year- round growing in any climate.

Colorado Greenhouse Builders has a variety of greenhouse designs for all size yards and projects. To give you an idea of the range and types of greenhouse we build here is a list of projects we have completed:

  • Sunroom style greenhouses
  • Shed/greenhouse combinations
  • Chicken-coop/greenhouse combinations
  • Greenhouse with swimming pools
  • Commercial greenhouses at places like University of Nebraska and Fort Carson Military Base
  • Residential greenhouses
  • Insurance Claims and Repairs on Damaged Greenhouse

We can design a greenhouse to meet any HOA requirements, regardless of size restriction. We can customize your greenhouse to match existing houses and provide custom rock and interior features to meet all your growing wants.

Pool House, Denver, Colorado
Pool House, Denver, Colorado
Pool House, Denver, Colorado

Colorado Greenhouse Builders is one of few companies that specialize in Geothermal Heating. Geothermal Heating is a clean energy source that utilizes the sun for heating on cold days and cooling on extremely hot days. Our product is extending our customers growing to include year-round harvesting

 With Jason and Annette’s experience we have the knowledge and growing expertise to provide customization and design for all your growing needs. We can make a Happy Grower anywhere we go!


Colorado Greenhouse Builders has built greenhouses across the United States including areas that have extreme weather conditions like Colorado, Nebraska, South Dakota and Wyoming. We understand the challenges of growing in altitude, extreme weather and let’s not forget the native deer and elk. We provide an affordable opportunity to grow throughout the year as well as in harsh conditions.

 Colorado Greenhouse Builders has built a great reputation for working with local county and HOA’s. Any homeowner that desires to have a greenhouse, we will go the extra mile to work with you, your county and HOA on meeting all compliance requirements.

Colorado Greenhouse Builders also serves commercial greenhouse repair and installations. We are equipped to handle insurance claims on commercial and residential greenhouses.


Colorado Greenhouse Builders LLC is one of very few companies that specialize in Geothermal greenhouses. Geothermal is a great energy efficient option for Colorado year-round growing.

Colorado Greenhouse Builders LLC does an in-depth site evaluation with each customer and will provide an extensive growing plan at no cost to the homeowner.

Colorado Greenhouse Builders LLC can customize to meet HOA requirements

Colorado Greenhouse Builders LLC will provide an interior consultation to fit your growing desires

Colorado Greenhouse Builders LLC uses American made products.

Colorado Greenhouse Builders LLC is a giveback company that supports our local youth sports and gives to several Missionaries throughout United States and Africa.

-Colorado Greenhouse Builders LLC provides a (2) year workmanship warranty on all labor

-Colorado Greenhouse Builders LLC provides custom interior designs for optimal growing and harvesting

-Colorado Greenhouse Builders LLC offers a 10% senior and military discount

-Colorado Greenhouse Builders LLC is a local and family owed business

Our Process

Step 1: Initial Greenhouse Consultation

During your initial greenhouse consultation we will come to your site to meet with you, evaluate the site, and discuss your goals for your greenhouse.  We will ask you what you want to grow and when you want to grow.  Do you want to grow all-year round or seasonally? Once we determine the best place for your greenhouse based on your goals and sun exposure we will then take measurements.  We will discuss any HOA requirements and determine what the look and layout of your greenhouse will be.  Once we fully understand the scope, goals, and budget of your greenhouse we will put together a quote for you.

As part of the initial greenhouse consultation we will discuss the layout of the interior of the greenhouse to ensure you have all the necessary room to use your greenhouse to grow exactly what you want without feeling cramped.


Step 2:  Schedule Build and Get Permitting

After we have agreed on the design, budget, and interior we will get you on the schedule to start building your greenhouse.  In the time leading up to the build date we will work on getting the necessary permitting for any local counties to ensure your meeting all building requirements.


Step 3: Build

Our team will build your greenhouse.  We want to ensure we reduce the amount of impact to your yard and living arrangement during the building process.  We do this by mapping out the shortest distance to move equipment and we will bring in lumber when needed to protect the grass.  We work between the hours of 7:30 am to 5:00 pm and ensure we are following any noise ordinances.  Before we leave the jobsite for the day our crew will clean up so that the site is left looking tidy.


Step 4: Walkthrough and Inspection

After your greenhouse is complete we will meet with you for a walkthrough.  During the walkthrough we will show you how to use everything properly and look for anything that we might have missed.  At this time we can also discuss creating a turn-key greenhouse setup.  This would include bringing in dirt, paving stones, and even planting your first crop.  As part of our growing community you have access to our community growing network called Happy Growers.  The Happy Growers community is a community of growers all the way from the newby to master growers.  This provides an opportunity to network with and learn from some of the best gardeners and growers around.

If there are inspections needed we will get those scheduled for you.


Step 5: Enjoy!

At this point your greenhouse is built and you are all set to start growing!  In five to seven years we recommend you stain your greenhouse and we are happy to come out and do that for you.


All of our products are American made.